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Elite Dental Wellness is a membership plan - not insurance - designed to save patients money on dental care. The Elite Dental Wellness Plan offers free cleanings, exams and x-rays, plus savings on all other dental procedures performed in our office - including root canals, dentures, implants and crowns. The plan is easy to use, there's no waiting, includes unlimited discounts and is available to anyone.

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*Plus a one-time, non-refundable processing fee of $10.00


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Free cleanings, exams, x-rays and 20% off all other dental procedures.

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Perio patients get free cleanings, too! 1st and 3rd MAINTENANCE visits are complimentary. 2nd and 4th perio visits are charged at a 20% discount.

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Savings on prescription medications, glasses, contact lenses and access to 24/7 telemedicine services.

What You Get

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Routine dental care is not only important for dental health, but for overall health as well. The Elite Dental Wellness Plan offers savings on all dental treatment performed in our offices, including cleanings, exams, x-rays, root canals, dentures, implants and crowns.

The Elite Dental Wellness Plan is easy to use and features unlimited discounts – use it as much as you want!

You'll receive:

  • 2 free routine cleanings, 2 free fluoride treatments, free x-rays* and free exams – an average savings of $571!
  • All other procedures are discounted by 20%, including whitening, implants and crowns.
  • Just pay the discounted rate at the time of your visit.
  • You can use the plan anywhere Elite Dental Memberships are accepted.

*excluding 3D imaging

Sample Dental Savings

Procedure Average Cost* You Pay** Savings %
Comprehensive Oral Evaluation (New Patient) $90 FREE
Complete Series X-Rays (New Patient) $146
Adult Cleaning (Preventive) $94
Topical Application of Fluoride Varnish $47
Composite (White) Filling $166 $132 20%
Core buildup, including any pins $285 $228 20%
Crown-Porcelain Fused to High Noble Metal $1,163 $930 20%
Crown, porcelain/ceramic substrate $1,185 $948 20%
Endodontic Therapy Molar $1,157 $925 20%
Complete Upper Denture $1,775 $1,420 20%
Complete Lower Denture $1,757 $1,405 20%
Implant Placement $2,273 $1,818 20%
All Other Services (including veneers and Invisalign) 20%


*Average cost is based on the average price point per procedure at participating Elite Dental Wellness Plan locations

**Prices subject to change


You'll also receive additional discounts on prescription medications and vision care as well as 24/7 phone and video access to doctors!

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DialCare is a modern, easy-to-use telemedicine solution for non-emergency illnesses and general care. Members and their families have direct access to state-licensed and fully credentialed doctors, via phone or video consultations, to receive treatment and advice for common ailments, including colds, the flu, rashes and more.

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Members save 20% to 40% off the retail price of eyewear with the EyeMed Vision Care Access Plan D discount program through the Access network. Members are eligible for discounts on exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses from more than 90,000 providers nationwide.

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Members have access to prescription drug savings ranging from 15% to 60% off the retail price of generic drugs and 10% to 25% off the retail price of brand name drugs at over 68,000 participating pharmacies nationwide.

It's Smart. It's Easy. Anyone Can Join.

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Receive your membership materials by mail in 7-10 business days.
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Schedule Appointment.
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Present your ID card at the time of service.
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Your Questions & Our Answers

No, this is not an insurance plan. Our savings plan provides you with discounted prices on a wide range of dental services and products; you will pay for services at the discounted price at the time services are received.
Just show your membership card at the time of service. Members are responsible for paying all fees directly to the dentist.
If you need additional cards for your household, or have lost your card, please call Member Services at (888) 558-2513. We will be happy to send additional cards to you.
You will only receive a discount by going to a participating dental provider. You might try printing out a list of participating providers to share with your dentist to see if he/she could recommend any of the participating specialist locations.
Your statement will have a charge from "Careington International" for the purchase amount of your plan.

Don't see your question? Our Member Services department can help. Call toll-free at (888) 558-2513, any time between 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CT, for prompt and friendly assistance.